50+ Break Up Messages For Boyfriend (2023) || Sad Break Up Messages For Bf

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This article is a collection of Break Up Messages For Boyfriend(ब्रेकअप मैसेज इन हिंदी). Breakup is a sad phase and thus to overcome it Break Up Messages For Boyfriend are used for expressing emotions. This article has a separate collection of  Break Up Messages For Boyfriend In Hindi. Share this Sad Break Up Messages For Boyfriend to your friend going through breakup phase, to encourage and help them in happily moving forward with their lives.

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Break Up Messages For Boyfriend

50+ Sad Break Up Messages For Bf

They say if you love someone, set this person free.
I love you, darling, and I want you to be truly happy with someone who’s better than me.
I know that I made you suffer a lot and I want it to stop.
Please, be happy without me.

Breakup Message

I never meant to break your heart
but you never bothered to understand mine.

A breakup is not something
I had on my mind but I still want it
– just like how love was not on yours
but you still pretended to.

Our relationship was always about give and take
until you stopped giving but never stopped taking.

Breakup Message For Bf


What really hurts, isn’t how you make me feel like a loser today, but the memories of how you made me feel special before.

Breakup Messages For Bf

As painful as it is, tolerating heartbreak
is still better than tolerating your lies.

I am breaking up with you… maybe I’ll regret this, maybe I won’t. But it doesn’t matter, because I know you won’t.

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My love may be unconditional but there was an unspoken condition when I gave you my heart – it’s yours only as long as you love it.

I want to break up with you. It’s not that I have begun to hate you but it’s because my heart has stopped loving you.

I am breaking up with you. Our relationship will die but our love will live on.

 Break Up Messages For Him

I am breaking up with you because I am sick of being a second priority to the person, who has always been my priority number one.

EVERYTHING is the only thing I regret about being with you.

You will never be the guy my heart sees and I will never be the girl you want me to be.

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I never imagined that the guy of my dreams would give me nightmares too. The way you have changed, is why I am breaking up with you.

Now I realize that you didn’t change. It’s just that you pretended to be someone else in the beginning.

Sad Break Up Msgs For Boyfriend

Our relationship was my whole world, while yours was outside it.

Breaking up with you is the only thing in my life that sounds terribly wrong but feels soulfully right.

Before you ask me why I want to break up with you, ask your heart why it did not love me like how it was supposed to.

There was a time when I loved you like crazy, and that will never change – unlike YOU.

BreakUp Msg For Boyfriend

Sad Break Up Messages

It’s not that I don’t deserve someone’s love. It’s just that you don’t deserve mine.

Break Up Messages For Boyfriend

My heart is shattered. My eyes weep as I say goodbye to you.

I may forget your face someday. May even fail to remember your name. But my I could never remove the memories of us from my mind!

It’s sad how quickly we became total strangers to each other. it seems as if we never loved each other for even a moment!

Time may heal my broken heart. But it can never erase your memories from my head. Our paths are divided but my love for you will remain the same!

You are leaving a hole in my heart. I don’t know if I could ever fill that hole with love and trust. I feel like my whole life is a lie!

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I would never fall in love with you if I knew from the start that you’d hurt me this much. But I don’t blame you. I was blind for the whole time!

Breaking up will hurt me more than it will hurt you – just like how being together gave me more joy than it did to you.

I never thought that my feelings for you would change but then again, I never thought that you would change either.

Our relationship was not a mistake but it is definitely something I would not want to do again. We are so different that being in love causes us both so much pain.

Sad Break Up Messages For Boyfriend

I walked away because you were busy finding faults in me, while I was busy overlooking yours.

Break Up Msg

Our breakup will hurt me a lot but I’d rather mend a broken heart than suffocate in a toxic relationship.

You told me you would never leave me alone. You promised me of a new life together. But now I know it was all a big lie!

I ignored the whole world for you. But I never thought you would ignore me for a better option. Thanks for playing with my emotions!

I tried my best to revive our dying relationship. But it seems like you don’t care at all. So, I’m saying goodbye to you forever!

BreakUp Sad Message For Bf

All the time you kept talking about true love, trust and loyalty. How ironic is that all these times, even you didn’t know what these words mean

I don’t feel betrayed at all. I take it as a lesson learned. And the lesson is, never trust a liar. I wish no one does the same to you as you did to me!

All that always mattered to you was your happiness. You never tried to know how I feel inside. It can’t go on like this forever. Goodbye!

You are just as much fake as your make-ups are. I hope someday you’ll grow a heart in you and then you’ll know how it feels to be cheated

I will never be the same person as you knew from this moment. Now I know how pain can literally transform people into someone that they’re not!

Break Up Messages For Boyfriend In Hindi

क्या लिखू अपनी ज़िन्दगी के बारे में
वो लोग ही बिछड़ गए जो ज़िन्दगी हुआ करते थे

Break Up Messages hindi
वक़्त के साथ साथ बहुत कुछ बदल जाता है
लोग भी रास्ते भी एहसास भी और कभी कभी हम खुद भी
ज़िन्दगी के किसी मोड़ पर वो लौट भी आये तो क्या
वो लम्हात वो जज़्बात वो अंदाज़ तो न अब लौटेंगे कभी
तू कल की तरह आज नहीं साथ मेरे तो क्या हुआ
कैसे बताऊ तुझे की मोहोब्बत तो हम तेरी दूरियों से भी करते है
हर रोज़ रुला देते हो
किसी के दर्द से दर्द नहीं होता तुम्हे
मुझ को अब तुझ से भी मोहब्बत नहीं रही,
ऐ ज़िंदगी तेरी भी मुझे ज़रूरत नहीं रही,
बुझ गये अब उस के इंतेज़ार के वो जलते दिए,
कहीं भी आस-पास उस की आहट नहीं रही
तेरे लिए खुदको मजबूर कर लिया,
ज़ख्मो को अपने नासूर कर लिया,
मेरे दिल में क्या था ये जाने बिना
तूने खुदको हमसे कितना दूर लिया
अब ओर आँसुओं को आँखों में लाना नही है,
अपने मासूम दिल को दुखाना नही है,
अगर तकलीफ देने लगा है तुम्हे रिश्ता हमारा
तो इस रिश्ते को ओर निभाना नही है
तेरी अब कोई चाहत ना रही,
ज़िन्दगी अब तेरी हमे जरूरत नही रही,
हमने खुद ही पोछ लिए तेरे इंतज़ार में आये आँसू
अब तेरे होने की ओर ख्वाहिश ना रही
Break Up Messages In hindi

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